November 18, 2009

Disneyland 2009

View from our room in the Villas at the Grand California. Heidi & Danny, our wonderful friends, were very generous, and invited us to stay with them.

We drove all night Wednesday, and Adam was very sleepy when we arrived. He decided to take a nap, and later meet us for lunch. The rest of us (who had slept on our drive down), started out at California Adventure. Bugs Land was our first stop. It's a great place for little kids, and it is never very crowded. Sammy got to go on the bumper bugs because he was tall enough. When we tried to go back, we found out he was too short, and that the height thing had been broken. Sam was very upset that he didn't get to go again. The kids enjoyed playing with Heidi & Danny & Mom.

Thursday we spent the morning in Toon Town. Sam, the bravest of my two children, wanted to meet Mickey Mouse. He doesn't seem thrilled. But, he is!

Friday the kids had a blast. Meeting up with Scott & Shelly's family was fun! The kids spent a lot of time in "Bug Land", and they rode the lady bug cups 50 million times. I have never laughed as hard as I did when I rode it with them. Oh my goodness, what high-pitched screams they have!

March 27, 2009

Food and things...

I have a 23.5 pound, 22 month old. He currently sits in the 4th percentile for weight. He is incredibly active, but doesn't eat much at all. Even when we have given him a cookie, or ice cream, he will only eat a little bit and be done. So, we try and fill him with healthy foods whenever we can, and hope he stays healthy!

The other night we had chili, hot dogs, Fritos, and grapes. He thought that was great, and kept asking, "Mo pease!" (He loved the chili.) Since then, he has been eating more. I think he may be in a growth spurt, which is what I have been hoping for!

Children from the same family have so many similarities, but they can also be so very different. Andrew loves food! Sam would rather be doing something else. Hopefully, though, his interest has been perked, and he might "beef up" a little bit ;o)

March 11, 2009

Just a quick update...

I love my boys so much! They are a joy to me, but sometimes they can be quite a challenge. We had our first "real" issue with Andrew today. He scratched a little girl in his preschool class. They were having a disagreement, she scratched him, and he scratched her ~ we're not sure which one did it first, but it happened. So, there needed to be a consequence for his actions. He had to take a nap after lunch today, he wrote the girl a note of apology, and he will not be able to go to his play date tomorrow. Daddy also had a talk with him, about appropriate behavior, by not scratching and hitting girls (and other children, for that matter). Andrew is very disappointed, but I think he understood that what he did was wrong. He didn't even cry for very long when we told him he wouldn't be going to his friend's house, because he knew. Being a parent is tough! But, we've been very lucky! We sure do love our kids!

Just a few more pics of the boys...